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We are dedicated to helping your group succeed. Your success depends on your goals and your achievement of those goals. Our Mission is to help your group. As parent leaders, your responsibility and your part of contributing to a wonderful school life experience is rewarding but more importantly, helpful to the students of your school.
As parent and community leaders, we strive for parent groups to fulfill the important duty they hold as the overall part ensuring a positive school experience for our children.
We hope we can be one of the paths to some of the resources that can help you.


Who We Are
Here To Help All Parent Groups In America's over 100,000 schools!

The National Parent Teacher Organization is an advocate to help your PTO or Parent Group succeed.
We are an open source for you to gain information and help your school's parent group, no matter what affiliation.
Parent Groups are partners in our children's education. As a community of parents, citizens, groups, districts, businesses, places of worship, organizations, etc; it is our duty to help our children learn, grow and become responsible contributing citizens for today AND for tomorrow.
If we can help, let us know. If you want to help, contact us.
Thank you for all that you do to enrich our children's school years lives.

Some Words from Parents

We Believe in Recognition

Blue Ribbon Schools

Dept of Education

Recognizes outstanding public and non-public schools, celebrates some of the most skilled and effective educators in the country.

Green Ribbon Schools

Dept of Education

Reduce environmental impact and costs; Improve the health and wellness of schools, students, and staff; and Provide environmental education.

President's Awards

Dept of Education

Honors graduating elementary, middle and high school students for their achievement and hard work.

Your Award

Create Your Own

Whether it is a local or National Award, your business, organization or self can create your own Award for your cause. We can help promote it.

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